4D Ultrasound

  • Gilbert

At Arizona Diagnostic Radiology, we can offer you an opportunity to view your unborn child by using the latest ultrasound technology of 4D movement ultrasounds. Over 30 years of extensive studies have shown that ultrasound has not caused fetal or maternal harm. Ultrasound pictures are provided by sending sound waves into your body. The reflected waves are collected to produce an internal image similar to an X-ray, but without the danger.

4D ultrasound gives the realistic surface of the face and expression of your developing baby while it is still inside your womb. It allows you to 'meet' your new little one before the big day. We recommend having your 4D ultrasound between 28 and 32 weeks. However, brilliant images can sometimes be obtained anytime after 22 weeks. You will get beautiful pictures, however, every baby scans differently. It will depend on many factors such as position, size, amount of fluid, and placental location. We do promise to make every effort to obtain the best images for you.

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